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Is your Child Learning about God During Music Lessons?

Our Unique Biblically-Based Approach to Teaching Music Will Ensure You and Your Children Grow both Musically AND Spiritually Wow! This Sounds Awesome! Tell Me More...

We’re here to help You and your children grow closer to God through music.

We have been homeschooling for over 25 years and we struggled to find good, Christian music teachers.

Have you had a similar experience? Maybe you want to play piano in church, or maybe you want your child to develop their natural talent. Perhaps you want to bless your friends and family with your gift of singing. Maybe you already know how to play piano, and you just need someone to help you through the difficult parts of a song. In any case, we can help.

Our unique approach to teaching music will have you starting anywhere from Genesis for first-timers, through to Revelation for accomplished musicians. Together, we’ll discover how sound works, what makes music different from other sounds, how music itself reflects the character of God, and how we can become the best musicians we can be. We’ll also be exploring the all-important question: Why did God make music, and how does he expect us to use it?

Becoming a great musician is not for the faint-of-heart, or for the lazy. If you join us, we expect you to work hard and practice often, but in return, you’ll get all the knowledge we’ve accumulated over years of learning and teaching music. Every one of our teachers was once a student, so we know what obstacles can get in the way of practicing, but we also know how to overcome them. By struggling through exam preparation, having our exam piece changed only days before it had to be performed, and still passing our exams with flying colours, we know what it takes to master our instruments. Now we want to pass that knowledge onto our students.

If you or your child are ready to learn about God through music, or you have any other questions or comments, then please contact us below. We always love to hear from people interested in glorifying God through music.

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